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HIGHLAND Financial Advisors is located in Riverdale, surrounding Wayne, Kinnelon, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Pequannock, Mahwah, Oakland, and Ridgewood NJ.

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Do you feel like you're a castaway or a captain in your financial life?
Many people feel like they're victims... castaways in the post financial crisis and at the whim of Wall Street and Washington.

Financial freedom - what does it mean to you?

We are fee-only, independent financial advisors/ financial planners in Riverdale, NJ. We serve clients locally and nationwide. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERô(CFP®) professionals, our team of advisors improve our clients lives by discovering their goals and creating a personalized plan to achieve financial freedom. Whether we are creating financial planning solutions or managing investment portfolios, our objective planning process explores ways for you to use your money to make a life instead of using your life to make money.

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44 State Rt. 23 North, Riverdale, NJ07457†† 973-557-2933

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