Real Fiduciary™ Practice

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard’s Real Fiduciary™ Practices describe how conscientious and competent advisors serve clients today. HIGHLAND follows these Real Fiduciary™ Practices:

Loyalty means steadfast and uncompromising devotion to a client’s best interest.

Due care means following a prudent process and applying the necessary professional skills as evidenced by appropriate education, expertise and experience.

Utmost good faith means acting at all times with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Many advisors and brokers talk like a fiduciary, though relatively few act like one. These Real Fiduciary™ Practices provide guidance for advisors. They also help investors distinguish advisors who work for and are paid only by clients—from sales representatives who work for and are paid by firms to distribute products. That is, these practices help separate brokers and advisors who merely talk like a fiduciary from advisors who really act like one.

Download the complete Professional Conduct Guidance here.  If your advisor or broker claims to be a fiduciary, ask them to give it to you in writing.

Putting Your Interests Ahead of Ours

We are an independent, Registered Investment Advisory firm based in Wayne, NJ, serving high-net-worth families and individuals nationwide since 1987. Our objective is to simplify your financial life, help you achieve your goals, protect your family and lifestyle, and plan your legacy. We do this through a team approach that emphasizes our fiduciary duty to always act in your best interest. And as a fee-only firm, you can rest assured that we do not receive commissions—we are paid only by you for the services we provide you.

Our Team

We offer a team approach to your finances and investments. Though you will work with a primary wealth advisor, you also gain the benefit of not just one person’s viewpoint but the collaboration and creativity of a team dedicated to helping you succeed in all that you desire.

Reed C. Fraasa, CFP®, AIF®, RLP®

Founder, Wealth Advisor


Edward J. Leach, CFP®, MBA

Partner, Wealth Advisor


Richard Anderson, CFA

Portfolio Analyst & Trader


AnnaMarie Mock, CFP®

Financial Planner


sean gallagher



Lauren Libert

Client Relations Associate


Diana Heitmann

Retirement Plan Administrator


Our Firm Advantage


A Team Approach

We work with you as a team to ensure continuity in financial planning.



You can access your finances whenever and wherever you choose.


Online Advising

Our advisors can meet you wherever you need us, whether that is online or in person.



We spend all the time you need to understand concepts, breaking down complex subjects into plain English.



As fiduciaries, we have taken an oath to put your interests ahead of our own—always.



We receive no commissions—our compensation comes from you for the work we do for you.


Research Driven

We draw on research to build well-diversified portfolios for the long term.

Take The First Step

Our goal is to help you sleep well at night, knowing you have clarity about your options and confidence in your financial direction. If you want to see how we can work with you to achieve this, send us your email and we’ll reach out. We’ll ask some quick questions to learn more about you and offer ways we can help.

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